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As a passionate supporter of animal welfare, you understand the significance of providing a loving and safe environment for these vulnerable animals. Sadly, the number of kittens has been steadily increasing, leaving them with limited resources to offer them the care they desperately require. To address this pressing issue and continue their life-saving work, we have organized a fundraising event called Tea with Kittens, scheduled to take place on September 10th at the Rose Haven Bakery and Event Venue.

Where: Rose Haven Bakery and Event Venue When: September 10, 2023 Time: 11AM – 3PM

Fundraiser Event

Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter located in Georgetown, TX

Adopt a Kitten

Meet some kittens currently available for adoption from the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter.

No registration is required to attend, meet kittens or bid on our awesome raffles. 

Have Some Tea

Refreshing ice tea from our fabulous sponsor HTeaO will be available for attendees!

We will have some tables available if you’d like to book a table for tea and goodies. You will be served a delectable selection of desserts and your choice of a savory or sweet scone. Space is limited so book now:


Buy Raffles Tickets

Bid on Raffles for Kitten supplies and other fun items like gift certificates from Amy’s Ice Cream a basket Steve Jackson Games and lots of kitten supplies like a Litter Genie, Tespo Kitten Panels, beds, litter boxes and so much more!

Shop Our Wishlist

You can help just by shopping our Amazon Wishlist. We’d be very grateful for any donations.



Why Help?

Save Kittens

The objective of our fundraiser is to raise funds that will directly contribute to the well-being of these precious kittens.

Provide Supplies

Donations collected will be utilized to purchase the supplies necessary to help foster families care for the many kittens in need.

Be a Hero


By supporting our cause, you will be directly contributing to saving the lives of innocent kittens and giving them a chance for a bright and loving future.


Why Help?

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